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Forge(X) was founded by seasoned professionals with a track record of successful technology startups from Silicon Valley and beyond, but we're also a team of local Savannahians. We know what it's like to start, manage and grow a business, so we're unusually well-qualified to help you do the same with your business.

Our team consists of seasoned technologists with decades of experience in the software, networking and telecommunications industries. Forge (X) features a breadth and depth of experience simply unparalleled in Savannah.


Clegg Ivey

Clegg Ivey

Lead Designer & Idea Man

Clegg Ivey

Clegg Ivey is a unique combination of technologist, entrepreneur, and lawyer. Clegg has been a software developer for 35 years, an IP/antitrust attorney nealy 20 years, and has started more than half a dozen companies in the last 15 years.

As a Silicon valley tech lawyer in the 1990s, Mr. Ivey went head-to-head against Microsoft in the now-famous Microsoft Antitrust Case. He also crossed swords with the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) in the very first MP3 case, where he and his team stopped the RIAA's attempt to kill MP3 and the digital distribution of music. Clegg advised companies like Apple, Google, Sun and Oracle on their patent portfolios and, in 1998, he negotiated the largest patent settlement in U.S. history at the time. That same year, he saved Borland from going out of business at the hands of Microsoft, personally negotiating a lifesaving deal with Bill Gates.

As an entrpreneur, Clegg's business plans and pitches have generated more than $100 million in angel and venture capital investment for more than half a dozen startups, most of which have gone on to become cash-flow positive and profitable. Companies founded or co-founded by Clegg have offices in ten countries, sell products and services in 36 countries around the world, and have been sold, acquired or are currently valued at more than half billion dollars.

Clegg moved to Savannah in 2009 and has since started four local companies, as well as invested in several more. He is a mentor capitalist, a serial entrepreneur and a business acceleration specialist.


Jacob Heider

Jacob Heider

Network Guru & Coder Deluxe

Jacob Heider

Jacob wears more than just the occasional, extremely-stylish, physical hat: he also wears a dizzying panoply of metaphorical hats in a professional capacity. Even with over 25 years of programming experience, he also claims (and occasionally demonstrates) proficiency as a network engineer, wireless engineer, system administrator, database administrator and computer polyglot.

As varied and majestic as these skill-sets might be, Jacob's greatest technological super-power lies squarely in the realm of troubleshooting. Bitten at the tender age of 15 by a radioactive TurboPascal teacher, he developed a preternatural intuition regarding non-functioning technology. It is said, often in whispers, that he reacts to software bugs even before their effects manifest.

Over the course of his storied career, he has helped build, deploy, test and fix numerous technologies, from insurance modeling software to vast Linux and Windows clusters; from an rural wireless ISP network to global VoIP and IVR datacenters; from developing web applications to founding a router services company, the breadth of his experience is matched only by the his unusual nonchalance and modesty.

Jacob's long-time love of the city of Savannah finally culminated in his relocation to beautiful Talahi Island in 2012. He spends his days developing technology to solve a host of business problems for numerous local organizations, and working to grow Savannah's creative and technology communities, while convincing his girlfriend and two adorable dogs that quality family time can definitely be had online while at work.

Dir., Infrastructure

John Turner

John Turner

Human Superglue

John Wesley Turner

John is a Savannahian and has more than a decade of experience in information technology and managed services.

John has carved out a specialist niche in supporting clients in the tourist and entertainment industry. So, for example, John has worked closely with venue clients like Club One and Muse Arts Warehouse, as well as with restaurants like Lulu's Chocolate Bar, Smoothie King and Olive Garden.

John is also experienced at supporting clients in the art and design field, like Miller's Surface Gallery, Villa Savannah and, of course, the Makers and Designers Guilds at The Guild Hall.

John has extensive experience with both Cisco and Juniper routing, as well as more than 10 years of performing diagnostics on all major operating systems. He is also proficient at software diagnosis and troubleshooting.

Tech Support

Anthony Chase

Anthony Chase

Mr. Maintenance & Support

Dion Warr

Dion Warr has more than 20 years of experience in the IT field, ranging from business IT installation and maintenance to fiber runs to industrial ERP and applications platforms.


Garet Hyden

Garet Hyden

The Sales Guy

Garet Hyden

Garet is a native Savannahian and a great sales guy.

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